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The Underground Playbook For Your Goalie Mindset
"Since working with Pete, I have taken my game to the next level" - Jeff Glass, Chicago Blackhawks
What Is Goalie Mindset Secrets?
GoalieMindsetSecrets is not just another "how to" book on goaltending. 
It is NOT about winning more games
-yet these secrets will help you exponentially win more games than you ever have before
It is NOT about increasing your save percentage
-yet these secrets will help you increase your save percentage more than any how to book ever could
GoalieMindsetSecrets is a A SHORTCUT.
A low save percentage or losing games are symptoms of a much greater problem (that's the bad news), but a lot easier to fix (that's the good news). Inside you will find the actual instruction manual I created after my own experience of being drafted to the NHL by the New Jersey Devils and from years of research on high performers, other pro goalies and tens of thousands of dollars spent on personal development courses and seminars. You now have access to all of the mental techniques to help you feel like you have superhuman powers on the ice!

"Dylan Ferguson and I after he won his first National Hockey League game at 19 years old against the Vancouver Canucks"

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"Just after starting with Pete, I immediately felt way more confident and prepared for my games and won WHL Goalie of the week"
Stuart Skinner
Edmonton Oilers, Top Prospect
"Since working with Pete I have been able to take my game to the next level and realize how mental training directly impacts my success on the ice"
Jeff Glass, Chicago Blackhawks
"Dylan’s Confidence and Body Language  transformed to a level I have not seen before shortly after beginning to work with Pete,"
Colin Ferguson
Father of Dylan Ferguson
Las Vegas Golden Knights
Introducing GoalieMindsetSecrets - The Instruction Manual To Having Superhuman Powers on The Ice...
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Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • With Goalie Mindset Secrets you'll learn how powerful your brain is, how it works so you can utilized it to stop more pucks. Being a goalie is 90% Mental and you have to know how to work with your brain to rise to great levels as a goalie. 
  • Confidence is not taught in school Goalie Mindset Secrets teaches you what confidence is, the two things confidence comes from and how you can become totally confident in an instant.
  • You will walk into the picture you hold of yourself. Goalie Mindset Secrets shows you how to create a clear vision or yourself as a successful goalie and how to move toward that vision. 
  • Action is the big separator of success. When I was drafted by New Jersey Devils I spend too much time analyzing my chance as opposed to taking action and it cost me big time! With Goalie Mindset Secrets you will learn to take massive action toward your goalie dreams daily.
  • Preparing correctly for a game can be the difference between a win or a loss. With Goalie Mindset Secrets you will learn a proven pre game preparation system to help you start your game with total confidence. 
  • Goalie Mindset Secrets includes clear instructions on how to do get the most of your results from a game by doing a Post Game Journal and improving your focus and confidence game by game.
  • Practice is a time to accelerate your goalie skills and goalie mindset improvement but most goalies throw that time away by not being prepared. With Goalie Mindset Secrets . You will learn how to keep a practice preparation journal and learn to utilize techniques I teach the pro's directly.
  • Take action now and order your FREE Copy of Goalie Mindset Secrets while it is available. This could be the book that propels you forward in the right direction.
You will learn and be able to apply the Secret to Total Self Confidence. The Secret to creating a clear picture of the goalie you want to be and learn how to become that goalie. The Secret to overcome analyzing and procrastination and to be able to take Massive Action. The Secret to preparing for a game. The Secret to Game Journaling for massive improvement. The Secret to preparing to have practices where you accelerate your learning and improvement and The Secret to put all of this into action immediately and get results Fast!
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